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The Massager [one-shot]

Title: The Massager
Pairing: JaeMin
Others: Taemin
Rating: NC-17/R
Genre: Smut, Romance
Summary: Jaejoong receives erotic massages from his slave, Changmin.

A/N: Two words: Pure Smut. Dedicated to secretly_kanna , whom I love and miss dearly.


In an all boys private school, there exists a very special relationship between two young men.

Although they are from different grades, both ranking top of the class, they share a secret that no one knows, that no one can ever guess…



“Ya, do you expect me to lie here, naked, for the whole day? If you don’t start soon, I’m going to catch a cold…”

The young man chuckled, brushing a strand of hazel brown hair from his face.

Running a hand down the blond’s smooth, long leg, he bent down to lay a soft kiss onto the creamy, white thigh.

“I’m sorry, Master. It’s just that your legs are so beautiful, I can’t help but stare at them…”

Jaejoong pulled Changmin in for a rough, quick kiss, nipping the younger man’s lower lip with his teeth and causing Changmin to groan with lust.

Pulling away, Jaejoong said, “You can look at them later… after you finish doing this…”

Spreading his legs seductively, Jaejoong watched as Changmin grinned, taking a tube of lavender massaging oil out of his back pocket and popping the lid open, the fragrant smell filling the air.

“Yes Master, I’ll put all my love into it…” Changmin said in a low voice, squeezing the substance out of the tube and lathering it all around the lower section of Jaejoong’s body, watching as Jaejoong shivered in anticipation.

Clicking the lid shut, Changmin placed both hands on Jaejoong’s inner thighs, rubbing the substance closer and closer towards Jaejoong’s throbbing penis.

“Uhh… Min…”

“Does it feel good, Master?”

Jaejoong closed his eyes, enjoying the hot sensation that radiated from his legs, but wanting more. “Don’t just put the oil… around it… massage the tip too… ugh…”

“Tsk tsk tsk… so impatient, are we?” Changmin said with a sly smile, his hands slowly making their way up Jaejoong’s length.

“Aahh… nnn…”

Lowering his mouth, Changmin gently kissed the tip of Jaejoong’s erection. “Mm… your nectar is already overflowing at the tip… and I haven’t even gotten to the good part yet…”

“Huhh… I think… I’ve had enough of massaging in this area…” Taking Changmin’s roaming hands, Jaejoong placed it near his pink entrance. “Focus more on here from now on…”

“Gladly… which way do you want it tonight?”

Placing one finger seductively on his deliciously plump pink lips, Jaejoong said, “With this…”

Changmin smiled and leaned down, his tongue coming out for a lick. “As you wish~”

Advancing upwards, he slowly engulfed Jaejoong’s length, his tongue wrapping around the already hardened erection and sucking, while his other fingers slowly protruded into the man’s tight entrance, making Jaejoong moan in ecstasy.

“Nnn… so… good… More Min… more…” Jaejoong panted behind half lidded eyes, his hips moving upwards on their own.

“Mmm?” The vibrations coming from Changmin’s lips made Jaejoong tip his head backwards into the pillow, his golden locks of hair sticking to his glistening wet neck.

Feeling Jaejoong’s body convulse and sensing what would happen soon, Changmin pulled away, making the blond whimper slightly in need.

Smirking, Changmin gently touched the tip of Jaejoong’s penis, loving the way Jaejoong groaned slightly at the touch. “It’s gotten so red already… and it’s dripping wet…”

“That’s only because your massages are truly the best… my body’s gotten so addicted to them, that no one else could massage me the way you do…”

A look of pure jealousy fired up within Changmin’s eyes as he leaned down, grabbing onto the back of Jaejoong’s head and diving into the blond’s mouth, their hot tongues intertwining.

Coming up for a short breath of air, Changmin said, “No one else can do this to you, my dear Jae… only I can… I want to keep massaging you for the rest of my life…”

Jaejoong smiled, finding Changmin’s possessiveness quite charming and cute.

“Min… hurry and oil the rest of my body… you know all of my favorite spots…”

“Of course… I’ll be sure to satisfy your every needs…” Changmin replied, taking off his shirt and unbuckling the belt on his pants.

Lathering on another layer of oil onto Jaejoong’s nipples, Changmin began to rub his thumbs over them, loving the way Jaejoong bit down on his lower lip.

“…more… harder… kneed them harder…”

“Like this?” Changmin asked innocently, his fingers rubbing at a quicker pace.

“Mmm… ahhh…”

“Your nipples have gotten so red and erect… it’s such an erotic sight against your white skin…”

“Huhh… Min… I’m… so close… to coming… rub some of that oil… inside of me…”

Chuckling, Changmin laid a finger onto Jaejoong’s reddening entrance and said, “You want my cock… in here?”

“…don’t tease me… anymore… hurry up… I want you inside of me… now…”

The bed creaked as Changmin shifted his weight, locking Jaejoong’s legs between his own.

Drizzling oil onto his own throbbing erection, Changmin said, “Just wait one sec, Jae… I need to get my cock ready… and then… I’ll rub you as much and as deep as you want…”


“I know Jae… I’m putting it in now…”

“Ah! Ahhh… ngh…. Min!!” Jaejoong yelled out at Changmin slid his cock into him, slowly thrusting in and out at first, but gradually building up to a quicker pace. “S-So… big… your cock… harder…”

“Your wish… is my command… Master…” Changmin panted, leaning down and closing the distance between their mouths as he hit Jaejoong’s prostate over and over again, the bed creaking in protest.

“Haahh… Aaahh…. Aaahhh!!”

They both saw a flash of white as they came together, Changmin’s seeds spilling into Jaejoong’s while a creamy, white substance splattered onto Changmin’s toned abs.

Flopping tiredly beside Jaejoong on the bed, Changmin wrapped the man up in his arms and softly kissed the lids of Jaejoong’s closed eyes. “How was it, love?”

“… the best… you are truly the best…” Jaejoong mumbled quietly, snuggling into Changmin’s hold.

Changmin smiled with satisfaction at the answer and hugged the blond closer to his chest.


The next day…

“Vice president? Vice president, are you alright?”

Snapping away from his train of thought, Changmin looked up at the treasurer and smiled. “Oh, right, sorry Taemin… I was thinking about something…”

To himself, he thought, Yeah, like what kind of oil I should use on Jaejoong tonight…

“Oh, that’s fine.” Taemin replied cutely, smiling and cocking his head to the side. “Anyways, I was just going to tell you about the—“

Taemin was cut off abruptly by the sound of the door opening, followed by a surprised, silky smooth voice. “Oh! Sorry, did I catch you at a bad time?”

Changmin smiled while Taemin bowed his head in greeting. “Ah, what an honor to have the school’s most prized jewel, Kim Jaejoong, the ever-so-wonderful President to come visit me… Do come in.”

Chuckling softly at the praise, Jaejoong closed the door and entered the room.

Giving Taemin an angelic smile, one that made all the boys at their school go weak in the knees, Jaejoong said, “Taemin-ah, do you think I could have a word with the Vice President?”

“O-Of course!” Taemin stuttered, blushing and bowing his head shyly before hurrying out of the room.

Jaejoong laughed quietly, placing one hand over his mouth. “Omo, that kid is just too cute…”

Getting out of his chair, Changmin walked around the table and snaked his arms around Jaejoong’s thin waist, pulling him in for a passionate, hot kiss.

As they came up for a breath of air, Changmin pouted and said breathlessly, “Cuter than me?”

Jaejoong chuckled at the adorable expression on Changmin’s face and gave him a quick peck on the cheek. “Of course not… now… what say you and I take a quick twenty minute break… hmm…?”

Changmin smiled at the idea, fingers already slipping under Jaejoong’s shirt to give the blond’s already erect nipples a tweak, causing him to groan. “Sounds good to me… I just bought a tube of rosemary scented oil yesterday… wanna give it a try?”


The smell of rosemary, lust and love hung thick in the air as the two melted into one another’s arms.


Tags: jaemin, oneshot, smut

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