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Teach me the ways of love-Chapter 4

Title: Teach me the ways of love, even if it is a taboo
Pairing: JaeMin, YunJae & YooSu (later on)
Others: Super Junior
Rating: PG (contains some coarse language)
Genre: Romance, Drama
Summary: A handsome, tall young man with an incurable disease + A beautiful, ice-cold tutor who leads a painful, two-faced life = unpredictable Chemistry. One that cannot be found in a Chemistry textbook.
Chapters1 2 3 4
A/N: Credit goes to heartless156 , my lovely, supportive JaeMin sister who created this beautiful wallie for me~!!

Chapter 4: Denial

Changmin sat in the quiet, lifeless room; eyes wide, mouth slightly open, staring at nothing in particular.

“What the hell?” He said aloud to no one in particular. He put his hands in his head, pulling his hair upwards in a silly mohawk, a look of confusion on his face.

The emotions within him were battling one another, a conflict that Changmin had no control over, even though the body and mind belonged to him.

The past two hours had been spent surprisingly… blissful? That sounded wrong, even to Changmin.

The educational lesson on history was hell of course. But somehow, he had gotten through it, interest sparking within him, like kindled fire, something that he had long forgotten.

And his cruel, menacing tutor… He was truly Satan. But Changmin had never seen such a fine looking Satan… in fact; he couldn’t stop thinking about Jaejoong.

Images of Jaejoong kept replaying in his mind, like a slideshow that Changmin had no idea how to stop.

“This isn’t happening!! I’m a GUY! Not a frickin’ bisexual who likes metrosexuals!” Changmin yelled out in frustration, looking up at the ceiling, as if he were telling God to stop fooling around with him, that this was all wrong.

But there was no denying it. The pounding of his heart, threatening to break his eardrums, rang loud and clear in his ears as he pictured those luscious lips and those calm, cool eyes that pierced straight into his heart.

What scared Changmin the most was that he had enjoyed it all, the hostility of Jaejoong, the lesson overall, Jaejoong’s very existence…

Am I really that sick? Do I unconsciously have a liking for SM or something? Or worse, MEN, for that matter?

Changmin felt himself gag in response to this thought, shaking his head in disbelief.

No, it must’ve been because he had not seen a single, young attractive woman for a while, suffocating in his caged room for all these years.

Yes, that’s the reason I had found myself attracted to him… because he was so feminine... and I haven’t seen any females lately, ever since that damn bitch of a tutor threatened to sue me…

Changmin let out a sigh of relief, satisfied by his own explanation.

Good, he thought to himself, I’ve lost my freedom but at least I haven’t lost my mind. Imagine, me, Shim Changmin, being GAY! What a joke.

He chuckled at himself, so absorbed in his inner thoughts that he hadn’t noticed the door to his room open.

“Well, this is a rare sight!”

Changmin whipped his head around, a startled expression pasted on his face.

His eyes opened wide in surprise, like a deer looking into the headlights of an upcoming car, not expecting danger to cross its path.

The man at the door pushed his glasses up further, beautiful brown eyes sparkling behind them; hand still on the door, chuckling at Changmin’s sudden expression change.

Closing the door swiftly, he walked into the room, his white, oversized cloak blowing gently around him. The white shirt he wore under the coat was slightly unbuttoned at the top and his finely, toned abs hinted playfully behind the tight shirt.

The stethoscope around his neck clanged together with each step he took, creating a sort of melodic rhythm. 

“Oh, it’s just you, hyung.” Changmin said, relaxing at the sight of his doctor. He even gave Yunho a huge, genuine smile, something that was rare for the pessimistic patient.

But he always smiled when Jung Yunho was around. Even when the whole world had given up on Changmin, ignoring him because they were tired of his constant complains and moping, Yunho stuck to his side, giving Changmin hope.

He was like an older brother to Changmin, a best friend that he could confide in, feel energized whenever he was around.

Sitting himself on Changmin’s bed, Yunho placed the bag full of medical gear on the floor.  Turning to look at Changmin, he asked, voice full of interest, “So, what were you laughing at?”

“Ahh…. It was nothing.” Seeing Yunho’s curious expression, Changmin grinned mischievously and added, “You wouldn’t understand.”

Yunho raised one of his handsome eyebrows, then messed up Changmin’s hair in a brotherly way, making Changmin laugh.

“Hmm…. Teasing your elders now, eh?” Lifting the bag from the floor, Yunho pretended to rummage through the medical tools, saying in a teasing voice, “Now where did I put that extra large needle?”

Changmin cringed at the joke. Even though he knew Yunho was fooling around with him, he couldn’t stop himself from having a nervous reaction at the mention of needles… the one thing he feared most.

But this was why he loved Yunho so much. He was so caring and fun to be around, sometimes Changmin even forgot that Yunho was his private doctor and he was an ill patient.

Seeing Changmin’s immediate reaction, Yunho grinned.

“So, I heard you got a new tutor?”  Yunho asked nonchalantly while he started to check up on Changmin’s vitals, starting with his blood pressure.

Changmin nodded, feeling his heartbeat accelerate as a vivid image of his new tutor appeared in his mind once again.

Yunho looked up at the sudden increase in blood pressure as he pumped the instrument in his hands.

“Hmm.. I see…. And I take it you didn’t like him?” Yunho asked, mistaking the rise in blood pressure as anger instead of something else.

“Right. Yeah, of course I didn’t like him! He looked like a frikin’ woman for goodness sake! One that’s into SM too! I almost DIED from having a heart attack after he started to teach me.” Changmin said with enthusiasm, face relaxing at Yunho’s wrong interpretation.

Yunho chuckled once. “Well, if you really did have a heart attack, I probably would’ve been a minute too late, walking in to find a dead, lifeless body instead of the little drama king before me.”

Then he added,  “Oh well, at least I wouldn’t have to put up with your constant bickering any longer. And get to check up on other patients instead of having to come here all the time.” His eyes tinkled with humor as he said this, enjoying his little joke.

“YA! I bet all your other patients are not as entertaining as I am! AND they don’t pay you as much.” Changmin protested, pouting at Yunho’s unexpected joke, making Yunho laugh at Changmin’s gullible reaction.

Just as Yunho was finishing up the check up, putting away the stethoscope after listening to Changmin’s heart, a series of pounding footsteps could be heard from outside, charging up the stairs, running towards Changmin’s room.

“Ah, the little elephant has arrived.” Yunho joked, zipping up the bag. Just as he got up to leave, the door flung open. 

An adorable young man popped his head into the room, face flushed with excitement, mouth spread into a large smile.

“CHANGMIN-AH!!” The young man yelled out with so much energy that it made Yunho and Changmin flinch, their eardrums straining at the loud voice.

A childish expression spread across his cute face as he stared at Changmin, breathless from running up the stairs. Seeing the doctor standing there, he quickly bowed his head and greeted Yunho politely as the doctor started to exit the room.

“Yunho-hyung!” Changmin yelled out desperately, not wanting the doctor to leave him alone with the mischievous man before him.

Yunho turned around and saw Changmin mouth the words, “Help me”. Chuckling softly, Yunho made an “X” sign with his arms, then mouthed “Sorry” and left the room.

Changmin gave a tired sigh and looked at the grinning young man before him, feeling himself slump in exhaustion at what would come next.

Chapter five )
Tags: drama, jaemin, romance, teach me the ways of love, yoosu
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