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Forever love, YooSu & YunJae

DBSK+Big Bang+SuJu=♥♥♥

writings of Kim Junsu's (wannabe) shadow XD
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Love is just a breath away....

Welcome to Chrissy's Fanfic journal!~
All fan fiction and artwork are unlocked, so there is no need to add me. However, you may if you like!~
My OTPs are YooSu & YunJae/JaeMin.. so I tend to write a lot of stories based on those pairings... (especially Su... the love of my life... XD)
I also write a bit of Big Bang and Super Junior, as well as incorporate other Korean bands, such as SHINee, f(x), Wonder Girls and 2PM, as cameos. My art is mainly real life drawings, as well as some Chibi and anime-ish ones. Yup. Not much to say besides the fact that I love writing and Kpop!♥

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♥ YooSu/JunChun ♥
Yoosu Pictures, Images and Photos
yoosu Pictures, Images and Photos

♥ YunJae/JaeHo ♥
yunjae Pictures, Images and Photosyunjae Pictures, Images and Photos

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